We are a crucial stopgap when the USG is unable to rapidly respond. In times of crisis, we bridge the gap to protect American interests:

  1. We believe that no American should be left behind.
  2. We coordinate with the US Government during crises and in conflict zones to facilitate the evacuation of Americans overseas, we stand with our allies to provide: 
    • Humanitarian Aid
    • Non-lethal Aid
    • Training
  3. Our programs assist SOF Operators in transferring their skills outside the military .
    • Skill Bridge allows SOF Operators to spend their last 6 months on active duty working and gaining experience in a given field
    • Partnership allows for SOF Operators to gain training and experience to solve the hardest National Security problems as founders of start-ups 
  4. We help provide medical care to our community. We are here to help those that have given the most.
    • PTS and Operator Syndrome Treatment
    • Suicide Prevention
    • Rare Cancers

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We bring the Ground Truth from the front lines to the highest levels of government. Our vast network of Operators across the globe, combined with firsthand knowledge and years of experience, provides insight to decision makers on Capitol Hill. Whether we are giving lectures in an academic setting, briefings at the Pentagon, or training leaders domestically or abroad, SOAA provides recommendations to our nation’s leaders on the hardest national security issues

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