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In December, we successfully rescued Zahra Sckak, a Palestinian-American mother of a U.S. Servicemember, and her brother-in-law from North Gaza. We encourage you to watch Zahra’s heart-wrenching Mother’s Day interview on CBS’s Face the Nation. Included in the interview was our board member, Alex Plitsas, who helped orchestrate the rescue, describing the challenges the team faced while navigating them to safety through the conflict zone and across the Egyptian border.

For the first time in over 10 years, Zahra was able to celebrate Mother’s Day with all three of her sons safely in the U.S. Her resilience in the face of wartime adversity is a powerful testament to her strength, courage, and above all, her deep love for her family.

We are grateful to the team at Face the Nation for working with us to share this incredible story with the world.

There are still hundreds, even thousands, of American citizens stuck in Gaza with little hope of getting out if we don’t rescue them. Help us continue our work by donating: https://www.soaa.org/donate 

Watch the full interview with Zahra Sckak.

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