The Role of Open-Source Intelligence in Future Competition and Conflict Event

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On 19 April 2023, we partnered with the OSINT Foundation to present panel discussions on the Role of Open-Source Intelligence in Future Competition and Conflict. Hosted by Congressman Darrell Issa at the Library of Congress – Thomas Jefferson Building, we brought together moderators and panelists who are experts and practitioners in the field of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT). The moderators and panelists of the discussions are listed below, along with links to watch each discussion.

– Our founder, Daniel Elkins, currently serving Green Beret, kicked-off the event and introduced our host, Rep. Darrell Issa, who provided opening remarks.

– Our first panel centered around Army Modernization Efforts of the OSINT Discipline.

Moderator: Eliot Jardines, Director of Operations at the OSINT Foundation

Panelists: Dennis Eger, Senior OSINT Advisor – US Army

Shawn Nilius, Director of Army OSINT Office.

– The second panel focused on Civil Liberties and Open-Source Intelligence

Moderator: Byron Tau – The Wall Street Journal

Panelists: Barbara Alexander – President of the OSINT Foundation

Andrew Borene – AVP for Research at the National Intelligence University

Dr. Jason Blessing – Jeane Kirkpatrick Visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

– Finally, the third panel zeroed in on the Role of OSINT in Future Competition and Conflict

Moderator: David Cook – Executive Director, SOAA

Panelists: Doug Livermore – Director of Special Operations, Irregular Warfare, Sensitive Activities and Special Programs for the US Navy

Emily Harding – Deputy Director of International Security Programs at CSIS

Christopher C. Miller – Former Acting Secretary of Defense.


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