Congress Must Stop USASOC Cuts

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We recently sent a congressional letter, pleading for them to reject the Department of Defense’s proposed reduction to USASOC personnel. The Army has now publicly announced it is moving forward with slashing its total force by about 24,000 troops, 3000 of which will come from Army Special Operations Forces (SOF). Once again, we appeal to Congress to intervene by reversing the Army’s decision to cut SOF personnel to ensure our military remains effective and lethal.

The tenuous geopolitical landscape presents numerous challenges that demand our military’s full and careful attention. Ongoing conflicts, such as the situation in Ukraine and the escalation of tensions in the Middle East, underscore the need for a robust defense and intelligence apparatus. Coups in Africa and simmering tensions in Asia further highlight the volatile nature of our world. In light of these threats, reducing USASOC’s capabilities would severely hamper our ability to respond effectively.

USASOC wields significant influence internationally, playing a pivotal role in training and supporting allies worldwide. Especially in volatile regions, USASOC acts as a bulwark against governmental collapses and enemy incursions. Their proficiency in languages, cultures, and diplomacy enables effective collaboration in complex environments. It is, therefore, imperative that USASOC receives the necessary resources to maintain operational effectiveness and continue safeguarding our interests at home and abroad.

Members of Congress – we strongly urge you to respond swiftly to preserve our SOF ranks. It will prove detrimental to national, and indeed, global security to weaken our preeminent forces amidst the complexity and uncertainty of these times. Your response will reflect your commitment to our nation’s security.

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