Special Operations Association of America“A Voice for Special Operations”

We advocate for the policy and political interests of the Special Operations community. 

We are committed to American interests, both domestic and abroad. We strive to enhance national security and enrich our democracy, elevating our community’s voice and promoting the Ground Truth to the highest levels of government. We are committed to advocating for and advancing the policies and political interests of America’s most distinguished Warfighters.


We do this by: 

  • Empowering Policymakers: We elevate the firsthand experience of Special Operators to policymakers, ensuring informed decision-making. 
  • Championing Support: We advocate for policies that benefit Special Operators throughout their service, from active duty to civilian life. 
  • Building Bridges: We connect Special Operators with influential leaders in business and government, fostering opportunities beyond the military. 
  • Political & Policy Advocacy: We support the current and future political and policy ambitions of Special Operators. 
  • Operations: We utilize the unique capabilities of our membership to respond to crises domestically and abroad.

Find information on SOAA’s IRS 990 here:
SOAA IRS 990 for 2021 | SOAA IRS 990 for 2022