“These things we do, that others may live”

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This is the Pararescue motto lived out by the men who have undergone extensive selection and training to take on one of the most demanding jobs in the military. When the call was made that there was a need for support on Al Udeid Airbase Qatar, members of this organization stepped up.

Part of being a professional in this realm is always being ready. This team of two is based out of Tucson, AZ and was present for the first aircraft to land from HKIA. The stories these men told were nothing short of unbelievable. Babies being born in route, gunshot wounds, type 1 diabetics, and kidney transplant patients showing up and with no notice. The Pararescue career field is known as being a jack of all trades and master of none. There is a reason for this, and it saves lives. The service members that make up this elite group have to adapt to any situation they find themselves in, and utilize all their skills to find a solution. Numerous other doctors, security forces, and medics all spoke to how critical it was that this two-man team was on the ground. These Pararescue men live up to their motto and bring great credit to the United States Military, Air Force, and the Special Operations community.

These things we do, that others may live.