Two Active Warfronts: Ukraine Still Needs Our Support

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As we all grapple with ever-evolving geopolitical challenges and conflicts with growing concern, our mission remains the same – we support those in need the best way we know how. We utilize the critical knowledge, skills, and abilities we gained while serving in Special Operations to aid American citizens abroad and our allies, and we raise funds to provide critical non-lethal aid to allied forces and civilians in war-torn regions. The world’s attention rightly shifted as the intensity of war grew between Israel and Gaza. We, too, focussed our efforts on evacuating Americans out of the dire circumstances there, and while we remain committed to our evacuation missions for those still trapped in the war zone, we have not let up on our support of Ukraine, as they courageously face Russia’s aggression. We continue to make a meaningful impact by supplying non-lethal equipment and delivering life-saving training to Ukrainian forces.

Our commitment to this cause is grounded in the belief that every nation deserves the right to defend itself and protect its citizens. As conflict persists, we recognize the importance of providing essential resources to Ukrainian forces, ensuring they are equipped to face challenges on the front lines. The provision of non-lethal equipment serves a dual purpose: it bolsters the capabilities of Ukrainian forces while prioritizing the safety of civilians. From medical supplies to communication tools, our efforts aim to empower those defending their homeland with the resources needed to navigate complex situations. Equally vital is the provision of life-saving training. Knowledge is a powerful asset on the battlefield. By imparting crucial skills and tactics, we are enhancing the effectiveness of Ukrainian forces, ultimately contributing to the overall safety and stability of the region.

As we continue our work alongside Ukrainian forces, we remain dedicated to the principles of empowerment, resilience, and unity. Together, we are striving to create a safer and more secure future for the people of Ukraine. You can support our work by donating HERE.

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