A Picture is Worth Thousands of Datapoints (At Least)

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SOAA is deeply concerned about a picture released on the White House’s X (formerly Twitter) account showing President Biden shaking the hands of US Servicemembers. SOAA will not post the picture here, but you can read about our reaction in the Daily Caller, HERE. The original post included the faces of Special Operations Soldiers actively serving and likely protecting the President on his visit to Israel. This poses a major problem for the soldiers photographed due the sensitive nature of their job, and it could jeopardize the safety of their families. United States Army Special Operations Commander, Lieutenant Genera Jonathan Braga, spoke to Congress, stating, “There is no sanctuary at home or abroad.” Our digital signatures are being monitored by our adversaries every second of every day. What our Special Operators do online determines mission success or failure in today’s digital world. The careers of the soldiers pictured with President Biden are likely over, and worse, their families may be in danger because of a careless mistake. 

We want to ensure our policymakers are well-informed and educated on the sensitive nature of what Special Operations Forces Soldiers do every day. To that end, SOAA is launching the No Sanctuary Project – an initiative to help inform our policymakers about the sensitivities surrounding Special Operations, and to help our current Special Operators utilize the best gear and tradecraft to mitigate the threats we face today. 

SOAA partnered with technology company, Duality, to author a white paper detailing how Special Operations Command (SOCOM) can monitor our Special Operators’ digital signatures, ensuring they won’t be compromised online. Duality uses ‘zero footprint’ dataset checks to ensure soldier readiness.

Read more about the concept, here.

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