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Did you catch our founder, Daniel Elkins, on Philadelphia’s AM 990 Morning Answer with guest host Christine Flowers? If you missed it, you can listen to the full recording here:

Daniel Elkins on Philadelphia’s Morning Answer

Lieutenant Abdul Wasi Safi was trained by the US Military to be an elite Special Forces Operator and fought bravely shoulder-to-shoulder with our forces on the ground in Afghanistan. Lieutenant Wasi is a highly decorated officer who was left for dead by his partner—the United States of America. He fled Afghanistan as his life was in danger from the Taliban, who are actively seeking out those who worked with the United States. After a grueling, months-long journey Lieutenant Wasi arrived at our border and was immediately detained.

This brave Afghan ally, who fought and bled alongside United States forces, now awaits deportation and certain death. Lieutenant Wasi is one of many allies who we have failed, as the current Special Immigration Visa program is extensively delayed and involves a byzantine bureaucracy that most are without the resources to navigate. We must not fail our Afghan allies again—Lieutenant Wasi must be granted safe harbor in our country, and a pathway to citizenship.

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