5 Americans Aid Workers Safely Evacuated out of Gaza

You are currently viewing 5 Americans Aid Workers Safely Evacuated out of Gaza

We played a pivotal role in the successful evacuation of 5 American female aid workers and an additional 25 humanitarian workers, ensuring their safe passage from the volatile region of Gaza to the security of Egypt. To gain a firsthand perspective on the challenging journey to safety, we encourage you to delve into the personal accounts shared by our board member, Alex Plitsas, and one of the American aid workers who was rescued. Their remarkable stories are featured in an informative article by Hope Hodge Seck, recently published by The Washington Post. The article provides valuable insights into the intricate details and courageous efforts involved in this mission.

You can read the compelling story here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/2023/11/02/us-veterans-gaza-evacuations/

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