SFC Heath Robinson Burn Pit Transparency Act

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Wind fans the flames of a burn pit at Combat Outpost Tangi in the Tangi Valley, Afghanistan, in August 2009. (Staff Sgt. Teddy Wade/Army)

Today, June 1st, SOAA stands with all operators and the Veteran community to demand a united front. For far too long, members of the military have been negatively impacted by burn pits, and it is time to take action for the victims exposed to toxic exposure.

Veteran operators from the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq have begun presenting illnesses, and many rare forms of cancer that only develop under prolonged toxic exposure. We are proud to support the SFC Heath Robinson Burn Pit Transparency Act, which among many other needed advancements found in the recent Burn Pits Accountability Act, that requires the Department of Veterans Affairs to compile The Burn Pit Registry, analyze trends, and report all findings biannually to Congress. SOAA will continue advocating for targeted therapeutics that are needed for operators who develop rare forms of illnesses due to toxic exposure and will encourage all to register in the Burn Pit Registry. If you may have ever been exposed to burn pits, we are here to help.