Operators are Top Hires in Today’s Candidate Pool

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In today’s world, businesses must be flexible and adaptable more than ever. Dealing with uncertainty and learning new skills quickly and efficiently are becoming the new norm in the business world. Fortunately, there’s a qualified group of job seeker’s in today’s world that can tackle these challenges – U.S. Special operations Forces (SOF). 

Made up of the Military’s “elite,” these individuals are accustomed to fast learning, uncertainty, and dangerous tasks. These unique qualifications make them top candidates in the job pool. Companies are learning that an academic degree is no longer becoming the most important factor for job candidates anymore – but it’s their skills, abilities, and experiences that make them top candidates – all qualities that SOF operators possess. 

Since the pandemic began, companies are still learning to adapt, which requires flexibility within the organization. Operators are trained and built to adapt, making their flexibility and quick, yet precise judgement a key factor in organizations and businesses that they work for.

Harvard Business Review has a great article on Lessons on Leading Through Chaos from U.S. Special Operations.