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Whether you’re down range or pretending to be a civilian back home, confidence and swag are your best assets, which is why SOF’s 1st rule is, “Always look cool!” Out of Regz is a Veteran-Owned business that designs its products specifically with us Servicemembers and our active lifestyles in mind, and we wanted to see if it lived up to the claim.

Out of Regz claimed that their product would hold as well as wax based products but feel as comfortable and wash out as easily as water based pomade. I selected the “Operator” version for obvious reasons; The Operator pomade is their strongest hold variety and I wanted to see how well it would hold up and wash out. To be totally honest, I was quite skeptical using the pomade for the first time. I typically style my hair just after getting out of the shower so I had damp hair and worked the pomade in quite easily. I can’t speak to the lighter hold varieties but the “Operator” is as strong as advertised! My hair stayed right where I styled it as I went through my day and even after hitting the gym. After I got done with my work out and hit the showers Out of Regz washed right out with soap and water and my hair felt healthy and soft.

We love how committed Out of Regz is to supporting Veterans generally and Operators specifically. We always root for Veteran business owners and know that their products and services will always be superior and Out of Regz is no exception. 

Review by Daniel Elkins (currently serving Green Beret, 19th SFG)