Members of Congress Support SOAA and will Work for the SOF Community

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A couple of weeks ago, we published a piece about our time on Capitol Hill, meeting with our Nation’s Representatives to discuss key issues regarding the Special Operations community. We were met with more than just warm words. Members of Congress were eager to gain a better understanding of the truth on the ground so that they could better perform their role as political leaders.

Two of the Representatives had personal experience in SOF; Rep. Jason Crow was a US Army Ranger and Rep. Michael Waltz still serving in Special Forces as a member of the National Guard. However, non-Veteran Representatives were no less eager to understand the harsh realities that the SOF community faces on a daily basis, whether it’s high tempo deployments abroad or the disproportionate rate of SOF suicides at home.

Every Member of Congress we met understood the importance of maintaining a clear line of access between the SOF community and our leaders in DC. This is crucial for ensuring that our Representatives are not left in the dark and that the SOF community is not left in the cold. At SOAA, we will continue to strengthen and widen these lines of communication.

Today, we bring you the messages that these Representatives want the community to hear: