Air Force Cross Awarded to Special Tactics Airman

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On December 10, 2020, Sgt. Alaxey Germanovich was awarded the the Air Force Cross, the nation’s second highest medal for his bravery and heroism in action against an enemy of the United States in combat. Gemanovich is a Special Tactics combat controller and was the 12th Special Tactics Airman to receive the Air Force Cross since 9/11.

Sgt. Alaxey Germanovich
Photo by: 27th Special Operations Wing Public Affairs

He displayed this heroic act back in April 2017, when he was on a mission to clear a well-fortified valley in Nangarhar Province with a team of Army Special Forces and Afghan commandos. Germanovich repeatedly exposed himself to open fire while simultaneously directing numerous airstrikes from an AFSOC AC-130 gunship. Because of his actions, he is responsible for the protection of 150 friendly forces and the destruction of 11 enemy positions during this eight-hour battle.

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