US Continues to Break Its Promises to Afghan Commandos

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We left countless Afghan Allies behind during our chaotic withdrawal 18 months ago. Those who remain continue to be targeted by the Taliban and terrorist groups like ISIS-K and al-Qaida, as they infiltrate the country. Those who made it to the US, while not these facing murderous enemies, are also experiencing deplorable conditions. Our founder, Daniel Elkins, joined Fox News to spread awareness about how these heroes are being treated.

There are about 200 Zero Units here in the US who were trained by and fought beside US Special Operations and Intelligence Communities for 20 years. They saved countless American lives – many of them receiving debilitating injuries in combat. They worked for our government and, in turn, were promised a safe and prosperous future. They should have received a hero’s welcome. Instead, many of these brave men and their families have been placed in crime-ridden neighborhoods, are unable to work because of unapproved visas or combat-inflicted disabilities, and are faced with ever-growing medical debts they cannot possibly pay. They spend their days in limbo – wondering if their visas will be approved by our overwhelmed immigration system or if they face deportation back to Afghanistan.

They deserve better. They deserve what we promised to them.

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