SOF Background: US Navy SEAL

Running for: US House of Representatives, Virginia District 5

Bio: John McGuire was born and raised in Central Virginia. As a child, he was abandoned and spent his early childhood years in the foster care system, attending nine different elementary schools. His grandparents rescued him and his older sister from the foster care system and raised them until John graduated from high school in 1988. Following high school graduation, John felt a call to service that led him to join the United States Navy. He served ten years as a Navy SEAL deploying to countries all across the world defending our nation against evil before returning home to Virginia in 1998.

John understands that teamwork is one of the greatest keys to success in life. From his experience in the SEALs, running a successful business, and raising a family, John knows that by bringing people together anything is possible through hard work and determination. As a member of the Virginia General Assembly, John has always focused on good policy, not politics. Whether it’s fighting to secure better services for our veterans, law enforcement, and first responders, tackling the Heroin/Opioid epidemic, or making sure our tax dollars are being used efficiently, John knows what it takes to bring people together to find a solution to any problem.

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