SOF Background: Commanded Special Operations in Panama

Running for: US House of Representatives, Massachusetts District 4

Bio: Jake was born and raised in the Massachusetts Fourth District he now represents. After graduating from Harvard College, Jake joined the Marines. He commanded infantry in Afghanistan and special operations in Panama. In Afghanistan in 2012, Jake led patrols through villages contested by the Taliban. He saw first-hand the mistakes of the Forever Wars, and he’s working in Congress to prevent them in the future. In 2021, Jake was the only Democratic veteran in the House to vote against the Pentagon’s unaccountable spending, urging it to spend smarter, not bigger, to maintain a strong military.

Now in Congress, Jake is rejecting the politics of anger and populism to offer fresh, independent solutions to lower costs and support American global leadership. He’s been hailed as a “media-savvy millennial politician” who can “make friends and influence enemies in Washington.” He’s been delivering results from day one as a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, where he’s prioritized water and transit improvement. He now sits on the Select Committee on Strategic Competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party.

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