CALL TO ACTION: Support the Afghanistan Evacuation Mission

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Tens of thousands of Afghans that supported US policy have been left behind in Afghanistan and currently face repression, imprisonment, torture, and death. The Special Operations Association of America (SOAA) needs your IMMEDIATE help to provide shelter, safety, and humanitarian support for those that served alongside our Armed Forces.

SOAA is an organization comprised of American volunteers from the Special Operations community – that is working side-by-side with the US government to bring home our wartime brothers and sisters. Our mission is to safely provide humanitarian support in direct support of US policy.

Afghans that supported our troops, worked for the former Afghan government, or advocated for human rights (including women’s rights and LGTBQ rights), face imminent danger under Taliban rule. Providing humanitarian support and safe passage for Afghan refugees is extremely complex, requiring robust planning, logistics, and resources.

Unfortunately, the US government failed to plan for the ongoing support of at-risk Afghans, leaving it up to US officials at the ground level to piece together a strategy. This means there is currently no funding allocated to humanitarian support in Afghanistan, where conditions change every minute.

SOAA is actively providing CRITICAL support to US government personnel officially directing humanitarian operations in Afghanistan. Due to the lack of funding at the federal level, SOAA adds unmatched flexibility for US humanitarian operations by legally and safely coordinating logistics on the ground in Afghanistan at the request of the US government. SOAA is the ESSENTIAL STOPGAP for the US government to continue to deliver humanitarian support until policy catches up with the ground truth.

Without your support, many of the brave and courageous Afghans that lived the best of our American values will face repression, imprisonment, torture, and death. Because the US government is still trying to coordinate an official strategy, funding SOAA is critical to open the doors to safety.

We have confirmation that reprisal killings by the Taliban are underway in Afghanistan.

To help save our allies, please click on the following link: Afghanistan Evacuation Mission.