SOAA on Fox News: The Gap We Fill

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Fox News invited our own, Alex Plitsas, to provide an update on our evacuation of American citizens out of Israel and Gaza, and also to explain how we’re accomplishing that mission. We have received 288 requests for support, and so far, we have provided safe passage for 208 American citizens out of the region. By working side-by-side with non-government partners, like Save Our Allies, and with the Department of State of Department of Defense, we have secured seats on chartered flights to nearby countries.

Because our network of team members on-the-ground and in nearby countries all have a background in Special Operations, we have a clear understanding of the boundary line between government duties and where we can act as force multipliers, providing support for evacuation. With highly competent and trained veterans, many of whom have backgrounds in counterterrorism and hostage rescue, we’re filling a gap between military and government intervention and the bureaucracy involved in escaping out of a war zone.

Learn more by watching Alex on Fox News, below.



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