SOAA Founder on CNN: Interpreters Risked Their Lives

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In case you missed it, SOAA founder, Daniel Elkins, and Rep. McCaul appeared on CNN to speak with host, Jake Tapper, about the life or death issue of issuing visas for Afghan interpreters. These interpreters risked their lives and their families lives in order to help the United States military and are now facing the unthinkable and are in imminent danger.

We are literally hearing daily from interpreters, they’re in imminent danger which is why we must explore every option we can to get these interpreters and their families out. If that means a safe haven before domicile here in the United States or in Europe, we need to make that happen and we need to work collectively with our NATO allies as well.

-Daniel Elkins

We must keep our promise to these brave interpreters who sacrificed so much for the American people in aiding the U.S. Military. Here’s the full clip: