President Biden, Save Our ANASOC Ally!

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The Special Operations Association of America is joined by a coalition of VSOs in calling on President Biden to intervene on behalf of Afghan Special Forces Veteran Lieutenant Abdul Wasi Safi. Lieutenant Wasi fought and bled alongside US SOF in Afghanistan, and served up until the last flight left Kabul on August 30, 2021. Forced to flee for his life, Lieutenant Abdul embarked on a perilous journey to reunite with his wartime brothers-in-arms, which culminated in his arrest, and detention on the U.S-Mexico border. A loyal Afghan ally now faces deportation and certain death at the hands of the Taliban. 

We call upon the White House, and our leaders in Washington, to do right by our Afghan allies. Lieutenant Wasi must be granted parolee status, which would allow him to remain safely in the United States while awaiting a hearing on his asylum claim. Our Afghan allies were promised safe harbor, and what they have been delivered instead is a byzantine immigration system that has left tens of thousands to fend for themselves while in legal purgatory. President Biden has a moral imperative to intercede on behalf of Lieutenant Abdul, and honor his faithful service to America. 

Read our full letter to President Biden here.

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