Our Mission to Evacuate Americans

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As we have done multiple times over the years we are answering the call to action! We’re proud to announce that after days of preparation, work, and coordination, we, along side our partners at Save Our Allies (SOA), are sending a team into Israel to facilitate the evacuation of American citizens out of harms way. We are communicating with Congress, the Department of State, The Department of Defense, and our network on the ground to identify the most at risk citizens, no matter their location in Israel, including Gaza, the West Bank, or any other threatened area in the region. and get them to safety.

Not only will we be running rescue missions, we will also be gathering real time information from the front lines and reporting back to decision makers in Washington giving them as always the Ground Truth. Members of our team are trained medical providers who will be rendering life-saving aid and supplies to many who have none otherwise.

There are two ways you can help immediately: 
-Donate so we can offer more support and supplies.
-And to spread the word!

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