New Partnership: Talent War Group

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The SOF community knows the value of teamwork and reliable allies. That is why SOAA is always looking for those groups and individuals who share our goal in ensuring that our veterans receive the honor and support that they earned through their duty. A considerable chunk of our efforts go to supporting the transition of SOF members from their military career into a civilian life. Many veterans feel that there is an unbridgeable divide between these two worlds. As a result, they often struggle in finding a fulfilling life and can be discouraged from leaving the service altogether. SOAA works tirelessly to help SOF members achieve a successful transition because we believe they deserve a civilian career that employs their considerable talent and leadership skills.

To that end, SOAA is proud to announce a new partnership with Talent War Group (TWG). Founded by former Recon Marine and retired Navy SEAL, Mike Sarraille, Talent War Group is a leading management consulting and executive search firm that recognizes the invaluable skills and strength of character inherent to members of the SOF community. Our veterans have spent years in positions of leadership, providing the highest level of service to our country. TWG is determined to empower these men and women to bring this executive level talent to the private sector where both parties can continue to thrive.

TWG are focused on helping their clients get the critical people who will constitute the sustainable leadership development systems that will guide their organizations into the future. They pride themselves on building their candidate pool from both current and former military leaders who are looking to boost their careers in senior or executive level roles. The organization possesses a wealth of experience in leadership development, human resources, and business operations.

Furthermore, it is an organization with a distinctly SOF character. Mike Sarraille recognized the effectiveness of the SOF recruitment strategy and brings these lessons to the private sector. As a result, companies know that when they hire SOF members through TWG, they are getting somebody who possesses the mindset necessary to take on challenges and thrive in a hyper-competitive market. SOAA looks forward to working with TWG to build paths for SOF veterans to continue their leadership missions into their new lives.