Jax on America’s Newsroom: America’s Forgotten Soldiers

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Women combat veterans from Cultural Support Teams (CSTs) are America’s forgotten soldiers. They were expected to fight the same battles and carry the same weight as their male counterparts, but upon return to the US, they were not given a combat identifier on their military records. When they sought care for their combat-related injuries, seen and unseen, the VA laughed in their faces and denied they were ever in combat.

We’ve worked with Representatives Issa, Crow, Kiggans, and Houlahan on bi-partisan legislation that will change the narrative for these women warriors. The Jax Act, named for our board member and CST veteran, Jaclyn “Jax” Scott, will provide CSTs with the care and recognition they have courageously earned.

Catch Jax on America’s Newsroom with Dana Perino on Fox News.

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