Afghan Allies Suffering in America

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A. Tabesh at his home in Baltimore. (Valerie Plesch for The Washington Post)

Not only did we leave countless Afghan Allies, who fought by our sides and saved our lives, in Afghanistan to be hunted by the Taliban, but those we did safely bring to America continue to suffer. Stuck in the overwhelmed and complex SIV process, these brave men, women, and children are left in limbo – wondering if they will be able to pay their bills, put food on the table for their families, find quality jobs, or if they will be deported back to Afghanistan only to face their murderous enemies.

Our founder, Daniel Elkins was quoted in a Washington Post piece highlighting this issue. “The moral injury is pretty immense,” he said. “We know that there would be more of our community buried in Arlington National Cemetery today if it were not for our Afghan allies who fought shoulder-to-shoulder with us.”

We promised them a better life – one of peace and stability. We have broken that promise time and time again. We must fight for SIV reform, while also continuing our efforts to bring those we left behind safely and permanently out of Afghanistan.

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