Starting as a volunteer with The Independence Fund, Sarah’s steadfast devotion, experience, and drive led to her eventual selection as the organization’s first Chief Executive Officer. Based on personal experience from her husband’s military unit, Sarah facilitated a partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that works to combat Veteran suicide through reunions of some of the hardest hit units of the War on Terror. The revolutionary program works with both the VA and the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to recall units for peer support— relying on the bonds formed during war and serving as a reminder of the shared experience and commitment of a brotherhood that’s still alive back home.

Sarah is also co-founder and board member of Save Our Allies. The Save Our Allies Coalition is dedicated to saving our Afghan Allies who served side by side with U.S. Armed Forces, working to ensure our Allies are getting the care they deserve after so bravely serving our nation. Save Our Allies also focus on dignified resettlement to ensure that our Afghan Allies have the supplies they need to be successfully woven into the fabric of America.

Due to Sarah’s profound experience with families of severely wounded Veterans, she advises Administration officials and members of Congress and has been instrumental in shaping national policy that directly improves the lives of our Veteran community. As a respected subject matter expert, she regularly appears on cable news to commentate on the sacrifice of Veterans and Military families. Her ability to transfer her experiences to Presidential Policy, VA Reform, and a multi-million dollar 501(c)(3) is a reflection of her work ethic, commitment, and resilience. Sarah is a savvy and engaging media personality, a master of Business Development, and an expert in brand creation and management.