Colonel Jennifer Aupke is the Division Chief for Irregular Warfare and Special Operations, Air National Guard in Washington, DC as well as the Co-Founder of The Milieux Project, Inc a 501 (c) 3 Non profit aggregator with a mission to connect girls and women to aviation opportunities (  She is a dedicated mentor in the TuskegeeNEXT and Preflight Camp organizations and has previously served as WMA Secretary (2020-2022)

A 2001 graduate of the United States Air Force Air Force Academy, Jenn Aupke is an instructor helicopter pilot with over 1800 hours in the HH60G/M aircraft as well as various other airframes.  She spent 18 years active duty before transitioning to the National Guard, where she has been in multiple leadership roles. She has deployed over 6 times to various areas of operations, is credited with 76 saves and was awarded the Air Force Combat Action Medal for her courageous leadership fighting off enemy ground forces during a forward operating base attack.  She has flown over 15 aircraft over the last 20 yrs and is passionate about passing on her love of flying to the next generation of girls through public events and speaking.