SOF Background: JSOC

Running for: US House of Representatives, Florida District 7

Bio: Cory is a husband, father, patriot, combat veteran, entrepreneur, foreign policy expert, and true American conservative. Born in Winter Haven, Florida, Cory Mills is a decorated U.S. Army combat veteran, and recipient of the Bronze Star.  Cory left Florida to serve his country first in uniform and then to serve further our U.S. State Department and other government agencies in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He served with the 82nd Airborne Division and was a member of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) 20 in Iraq.  While serving abroad, Cory was struck twice in 2006, once with an improvised explosive device (IED) and once with an Iranian explosively formed projectile (EFP), which resulted in numerous casualties.  Fortunately, Cory was able to stabilize himself before evacuation.  For his actions, former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilizad presented Cory Mills with a Certificate of Appreciation from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad for his actions, which saved members of his team and U.S. military service members. Cory has nearly 7 years of service in Iraq, approximately 2 years in Afghanistan, served in the Kosovo Campaign in 2000, and has traveled to the front lines of Ukraine during the Russian invasion to provide information for USAID and Department of State officials.

In the private sector, Cory co-founded Pacem Solution International LLC and Pacem Defense LLC with his wife, Rana.  Through the PACEM companies, Cory and Rana have supported risk management assessments, intelligence collection, and security for media. In 2018, Pacem Defense acquired Amtec Less Lethal Systems, Inc., now known as ALS, Inc., in Perry, Florida, to help continue support to the law enforcement communities and our allies abroad.

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