SOAA Welcomes Staffers Back to Session

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On 18 September 23, we hosted a reception for congressional staffers, welcoming them back to session. We exist to inform policymakers of the unique missions Special Operations Forces are called upon to accomplish. The unique missions require unconventional resources, funding, and capabilities that only Congress can authorize. Understanding the mission and, more importantly, the people who conduct them, is essential. We host these events to bring SOF Operators and Congressional Staff together to better understand each other. We share a common goal: dedication to our nation’s success. We cannot achieve that without sharing the unique challenges we all face.

We also want to thank our generous sponsor, Ryvid! They showed off one of their awesome bikes, and we can’t wait to see what they dream up next.

Enjoy photos from the event. Feel free to use photos on social media and tag @soaaorg.

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