Letters to Secretaries Austin and Blinken on the Crisis in Israel

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We sent a letter to Secretary Austin and Secretary Blinken applauding the efforts of their respective departments in supporting the work of the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Israel. In times of crisis, it is crucial for the public and private sectors to join hands and work together to ensure the safety and well-being of American citizens and our allies abroad. Our letter, addressed to the Honorable Secretaries Austin and Blinken, highlights their Departments’ collaborative efforts and the important role they play when coordinating with NGOs in supporting the evacuation of American citizens in Israel. This remarkable work has not only underscored the strength of unity, but it has also demonstrated the value of lessons learned from previous experiences. 

The significance of these public-private partnerships cannot be overstated, especially considering the context of recent global events. In the wake of the Afghanistan withdrawal, which presented numerous logistical and humanitarian challenges, the U.S. government recognized the vital role NGOs could play in such operations. This acknowledgement has led to a more constructive and efficient two-way communication and coordination between the governmental bodies and NGOs involved in the Israel evacuation effort. 

The need for such public-private partnerships extends beyond Israel. The challenges and threats faced by American citizens and allies are not confined to a single region. This unified and proactive approach to address these challenges worldwide enhances the safety of Americans abroad and assists in the eradication of terrorist threats faced by our closest allies. 

In a world filled with challenges and evolving threats, its reassuring to see the government recognizing and appreciating the efforts of NGOs. This acknowledgement encourages more organizations and individuals to come forward and support causes that matter. 

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